Sunday, October 13, 2013

salam aidil adha

salam alaik...

as my normal weekends for another three years to come.. it is a packed and hectic one.. but still, on 15th october 2013 we will be celebrating aidil adha.. for my family and i, seems like we will be in KL as my father in law just warded at IJN this evening for his heart treatment.. and he might be undergo some procedure..

thus, he will be in KL during aidil adha and probably will stay at our home after completing all the process.. my mom in law accompany him in IJN.. besides, my husband didnt took extra leave for aidil adha.. the next day is a working day for him.. so, i just follow his step.. save my annual leave for a trip with kids in two weeks time :)

actually, deep in my heart, i am looking forward to do a Qurban.. and umrah.. it is my dream.. may Allah make my dua comes true one fine day.. insya Allah... grant me extra rezeki O Allah.. aameen.. selamat menyambut hari raya Qurban.. till then..
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Cho Zila said...

selamat hari raya Eidul Adha untuk Izza sekeluarga.. balik kampungker yong??

izz said...

tengkiu cho.. idok balik... suami saya koje... hhehehe.. cho balik kg tak?