Saturday, October 12, 2013

study and syabil

salam alaik.. am having a nice rest after my short revision for computer programming test tomorrow morning... urghhhh... tired but i feel blessed.. thank you Allah.. im sort of falling in love with programming.. especially when clicking the button and the system's program functioning well.. owh owh.. the feeling is sooo special.. it is like i am invent a new system.. ececeh... hahahaha... please let me day dream for a while guys..

okey okey... syabil is 4 years and 1 day today.. still i couldnt accept he is a big boy now.. he also act like a big guy recently.. with his husky voice.. he is more harsh and boyish compare to syahmi.. syahmi is more to 'gentleman' and dont-disturb-me kind of guy... hehehe.. everyone is unique and special isn't it... Allahuakbar..

okey... there goes some pics collage of syabil's birthday... ibu ayah, abg syahmi and kakak kyra love you so much..

nunite and assalamualaikum
13th oct 2013
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