Thursday, August 28, 2014


well.. its been a month plus I didn't blog eh? hmmm as usual.. busy dengan kerja.. actually kerja takde lah busy sangat.. what do you expect bila kerja di unit project management.. heheh just keep updating the report of the project.. coordination meeting bla bla bla... :p
things that make me busy and stress is the uni's thingy... third week of syawal I dan classmates dah berkampung di UTM Skudai for laboratory session... for a week! it is really a hectic week! we need to attend 21 labs in 5 days... and the report need to be in hand written.. oh oh oh... for info.. my group just courier it yesterday... another assignments and presentation for another 2 subjects... gulp!.. its really stressful.. alahmdulilah I got a good team member.. and yesterday also my last exam paper for this short semester... ya Allah... its so relief... Alhamdulillah.. hope so my result within my expectation.. sobsss
okey! done with my study! I just a bit sad because this year I didnt have any chance to attend my friend's and relative's aidilfitri open house.. theee heheheh... seri syawal takde ini tahun... oh yes.. pics kat atas tu adalah 4 labs yang I attend.. 21 experiments... phewww...
okey... other news is.. I am bibikless! no more bibik in the house.. since our maid seems not interested to be a maid after 6 years worked with us.. so, hubby decide not to have a maid for now on.. I still hope I have a helper at home.. but my hubby insist and assure me he can lend me his hand.. hehehe... so, I have no words to say.. kerja-kerja rumah tak susah mana sebenarnya.. cuma I paling malas nk iron baju.. and the job goes to hubby lah kan.. lagipon anak3 dah besar.. dah boleh bantu mana yang patot.. so far, my home still organized without helper... Alhamdulillah...
ok2.. that's all for now I guess... have a nice weekend peeps! yakin kepada apa yang Allah telah tentukan.. kita hanya mampu merancang dan berdoa... selebihnya berserahlah kepada yang Maha Mengetahui... Allahurabbi :)
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supermakwannabe said...

have a good rest and nice weekend to you too babe! Job well done completing those lab work.

izz said...

thank you dear shelly :)