Tuesday, December 10, 2013

i need a break

yeahhh.. this is what I feel today.. this morning.. actually I am not well.. kuala lumpur keep on raining everyday.. while northern, the weather is hottt... thus, I got flu and body aching... flight delayed worsen my problem... urghhh.. tabarakallah...
 I couldn't have a good rest.. there always chores and task to do... office work, assignment, mini project for my class, wife's and mother's thingy.. hmmm.. It makes me feel like I NEED A BREAK... huhuhu.. straight away I missed my childhood's kampong memories.. miss my late opah.. miss my late atok... really miss them.. al-fatihah for them both... :(

my kampung's moment is the best moment I ever had.. thanks Allah for that moment... so serene... so peaceful... but.. I got to wake up.. this is the world I am facing now.. fight the feeling.. I need to solve all this with patience and Allah's guidance.. lets list down all the thing that makes me miserable.. and plan how to overcome it.. we human.. couldn't run away from problems.. breath in.. breath out... come on! start it with bismillah... Allah is the Greatest.. :)

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