Thursday, September 19, 2013

sad but happy

salam alaik..

I am quite busy lately.. I got  a long to-do-list to coop with.. Id divided all the to-do-list into 7 subtask.. huhuhu.. it seems more decent.. and more friendly to me. I hope that I wont miss any of the tasks.. now, I feel like granny.. if I didn't jot it somewhere I might forget thing that I should do.  thanks to my note.. I could save what is in my mind straight away to the S note... unless out of battery! go and buy your power bank now! hehehehe...

okey.. okey... I just want to ease my mind from all the list to do... click onto my family album.. scroll down the collage I made before... tears like come down  as I view my kids collage.. oh my! they are all grown up... sob sob... I am happy with what I have now.. thanks Allah.. syukur Alhamdulillah... but still I miss their babyhood.. still their baby scent mesmerizing.. lingering...  *sigh*

 yeah.. yeah.. maybe I have wrote before this..  I wish I could have another baby girl... but not so soon.. I even chatted with Kyra that the baby will be named like.. Izzrin Syasya Adelia... hahaha... Kyra giggled happily... but, I need to focus and graduate first.. huhuhu...  insya Allah.. the day will come..

 syabil will turn 4 this coming October.. sob sob.. baby kecik ibu will be a kindy boy next year.. ibu love syahmi syaqira syabil sooooo much... only Allah know how much I love three of you.. sob sob

may Allah protect our kids from bad things .. aameen

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