Thursday, October 29, 2020


 Assalamualaikum... here i am.. almost 4 years kan... phewww

ingatkan dh bubar dah blogspot ni since warganet busy dengan FB, Insta dan twitter. *chuckle*. dua tiga minggu ni dok teringin nak coret panjang2 tentang apa yang berlaku dalam hidup. whats new dalam hidup. dh malas nk update kt FB. rajin update kat whatsapp story je..

thinking of write somewhere about my story and what come across my mind. nanti bila-bila rasa nak baca mesti senyum sendiri dan reminisce kenangan lalu. okey, last entry is about my new baby princess, Izzrin Salsabella. and now, i am expecting for my no 5 baby. most probably my last baby. in shaa Allah.😂 i am 42 years in 2021. i spoke to my husband, its about time we stop producing baby and focus on to grow them up, focus on their future, nurturing and guiding plus supporting them in whatever angle in their life. and most probably i will go for 'ikat' after delivery my fifth baby, for family planning.

pregnant at 40s, as expected is a longgggg journey. when your body is not at optimum condition. it is more tiring, more emotional, more morning sickness segment. at 5 months, i feel like i am at the final stage of third semester already. really exhausting sometime. my expected due date is around 27th march 2021. a longgg way to go kannnn... hehehehe may everything went well.

its me and husband at early year 2020. both gaining weight. sama je.. lebih kurang saiz nya hehehe.. may jannah in our family here and after. love you abang. 💓

me and my kiddos, pics taken circa May 2020. they are all grown up. love love love love. syahmi izzriq is now in form 2. he is in SMK Clifford Kuala Kangsar. staying at the hostel since last year. izzrin syaqirah sedang tunggu panggilan untuk masuk asrama juga next year, she will be in form 1 at 2021. while syabil izzriq will be 12 years next year. izzrin salsabella will be 6 years. and baby in the womb will be come out from the oven, 2021. fuhhhh.. alhamdulillah for all the blessing from Allah swt. semoga kami semua sentiasa menjadi hamba Nya yang bersyukur.

till then.

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